Bonus! (life outside work)

Welcome to the bonus page! You’ve probably seen enough of my nitty gritty design and engineering work. Here’s a bit of who I am when I’m not at the office.


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I love hiking and pond hockey and frisbee, and just about anything else that gets me outside doing cool things. I’m training for the Boston Marathon as we speak, not because I enjoy running, but because I like testing the limits of my body. Before it I completed a tough mudder, and a 32 mile day hike in the white mountains.

When I’m not doing things outside, I enjoy brewing my own beer with friends, inventing new things, and listening to Bruce Springsteen. I also spend a good bit of time on Fast Company, Engadget, and Core 77 looking for cool inspiration for projects.

Having grown up and gone to college in Boston, I live for Boston sports and have been known to use the word wicked more times than I’d like to admit.