My name is Brett Andler, and I’m a product design engineer currently based in NYC.

Check out a few of my projects below or reach out to hear what I’ve been up to more recently. My email is Firstname.Lastname@gmail.com . You can also call me at 339-225-9899 .




Uji Shower

Goal: Create a shower head with an LED ring that gradually changes from green to red as a users shower gets longer and less energy efficient thereby encouraging users to take shorter, more efficient showers. We’ve calculated that it will only take 7 months for a family of four using this shower head to make back their initial $50 purchase in energy savings. This recovery time is even shorter when installed in commercial showers like those found in dorm rooms across the country where more than four people will use a single shower head in any given day.

Result: This project is still ongoing. For the most up to date information, Contact Me. At present we’ve sold showers and data loggers to schools across the country and are in the middle of a multi-university pilot program tracking average shower time with and without Uji showers. We’ve been featured on NPR, in USA Today, Fast Company Magazine, and more; and have received funding and support from the Department of Energy, Berkley Labs, ASME, and Tufts University among others.

My Role: I’m one of 3 cofounders of Uji Shower working both on the mechanical and business aspects of the project.



Since working with Smart Design I’ve brought several OXO products from concept through to mass production ranging from kitchen gadgets, to cleaning supplies and electric home appliances. While many of them are out on the market, many more are still in development.



While at Shark I worked as a mechanical engineer on a wide variety of products including the Shark Rocket vacuum and the full accessories lines for both the Shark Rocket and Rotator vacuum brands.

Bringing these lines from concept to mass production I worked with an interdisciplinary team, regularly interfaced with Chinese manufacturing partners, and conducted ethnographic consumer research and testing.

Pizza ‘N Beer

Nothing goes with beer quite like pizza*

So I decided it would be a fun side project to make a bottle opener that automatically ordered pizza delivery when you cracked your first beer of the night.


*In an ironic twist I don’t actually like pizza, but figured the project would be fun to build one weekend and just went for it.


Nerd Details: Contact me for the full story on how I built it. I hacked a talking bottle opener and replaced the PCB with a particle photon, and connected it to Domino’s AnyWare online order platform.